Father’s Rights: 5 Things Not to Do With Child Custody

The past has shown that fathers tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to divorce, and that’s simply not fair. However, recent times have proven that fathers do have rights, especially knowing that children benefit more from having both parents involved in their upbringing. If you are a dad recently going through divorce, then you want to ensure you don’t make the following mistakes to give you a better chance of getting what you want.


  1. Don’t let your ex be the dictator.

A child’s mother will typically feel as if she has more rights than you, and that’s not the case. Do not allow your ex to let her opinions or ideas be the dictatorship in your relationship. Instead, be sure you have voiced your own opinion and do what you can to give you ample time with your child. Be sure to hire a lawyer who will also fight for your rights.


  1. Don’t worry about money.

If your ex is being difficult, the cost of legal assistance can add up. However, if you want to be actively involved in your child’s life, then you need to continue to fight for your rights instead of allowing the financial possibilities to be the determination. There are plenty of child custody assistance programs out there that can help alleviate the costs of legal assistance or fight for your rights for you. Be sure to do your research and find the ways you can adequately receive the rights you want without the financial burdens.


  1. Don’t be greedy.

A child benefits from spending time with both parents, so it’s important you acknowledge this and don’t fight for rights you don’t deserve or that will be detrimental to your child. Try to be reasonable with your ex and get as much time with your child that you can actually agree to. For instance, if your job requires you to travel more often than not, you don’t want to fight for full custody if that time will be spent away from your child. Opting for mediation is a good way for you and your ex to try and agree to a timeline and child custody agreement that works for both of you.


  1. Don’t take the law into your own hands.

The court will do what they can to ensure the best decisions are made for your child, but sometimes you may not agree with these decisions. However, there is no benefit to trying to take the law into your own hands. For instance, if you are asked to pay child support, forgoing to make these payments out of spite will not be beneficial. In addition, taking your visitation for granted can also be detrimental to your parenting agreement and your child, so don’t do what you want just to do so.


  1. Don’t assume you’re stuck.

The court understands your situation can change over time, so don’t assume your initial child custody or divorce agreements are set in stone. If your situation changes, then don’t hesitate to go back to court and find the best solution for your new situation. For instance, if your financial

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